Ignite the full potential of your retail chain

Basegap is a new digital solution for chains that want to cut costs on time-consuming processes and boost revenue by being more quick footed and innovative in an ever changing market. With a workflow that simplifies your processes and catches valuable insights from your stores directly to the decision table.

Efficient operations that make your time count

Say goodbye to fragmented operations. Basegap offers a centralized platform that integrates all your retail chain operations, eliminating inefficiencies, duplicated efforts, and information silos. Maximize the value of your precious time with automated tasks, synchronized campaigns, and streamlined store visits and check-ups. Basegap lets you experience seamless collaboration and boosted productivity that saves valuable time to be spent on where it matters the most.

Stimulate innovation for shared success

Innovation thrives when it’s a shared responsibility. Basegap fosters a culture of innovation by providing collaborative features for all teams and stakeholders. Break down barriers and unleash the creative potential of your entire organization. Capture ideas directly from your stores and turn them into actionable improvements. Fuel innovation, drive continuous improvement, and stay ahead of the competition.

Continually improve with informed decisions

Make knowledge your strongest asset. Basegap’s tailored web-based analytics tool, Insights, empowers you with actionable insights derived from your operational work. Compare outcomes, measure success, and identify trends that drive your retail chain forward. Combined with well defined KPI’s you will gain a strategic advantage through data-driven decision-making, optimized performance, and uncovered new growth opportunities.

Ignite your business’s full potential with a solution tailored for you

Let us align our solution with your goals and empower you with a tailored platform boasting high user adoption and team engagement. Benefit from a practical tool that helps you overcome challenges, optimize operations, and boost customer engagement.

Reach out and see how together we can unlock your business’s full potential with Basegap.

Made with retailers, for retailers

Basegap offers a comprehensive platform that caters specifically to the needs of retail chain companies. It combines mobile and web-based tools to provide a synchronized and tailored solution for store staff, managers, regional managers, and campaign managers, enabling seamless collaboration, streamlined operations, and data-driven decision-making across the entire organization. 

Designed for action

Basegap enables retail chain companies to simplify and streamline their operations, enhance collaboration and innovation, and leverage data-driven insights to make informed and actionable decisions, ultimately improving efficiency, productivity, and overall performance in a highly competitive retail landscape.

Our story so far

The journey of what is now known as Basegap began in 2012 when its founders, Zbigniew Głowacki and Dennis Rosinder, embarked on a mission to digitize and streamline processes within IKEA’s store concept development. With Zbigniew’s 30 years of experience at IKEA and Dennis’ expertise as a digital product developer, they created a digital workflow that transformed the way IKEA optimized over 200 new commercial buildings across 40 countries, resulting in significant time savings of 40% in average.

Driven by the success at IKEA, Dennis and Zbigniew recognized the need to empower retail chains with a smarter and more impactful solution – Basegap.

“We understand the challenges retailers face in constantly pursuing profitability, delivering exceptional customer experiences, and navigating shifting markets and consumer behaviors. We believe that digital workflows have the power to bring about radical improvements in operational efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, profit. Moreover, we recognize that pushing the boundaries of exceptional store experiences throughout the entire chain significantly impacts brand reputation and performance.

At Basegap, we embody these insights and more.”

This is only the beginning

Join us on this transformative journey and experience the power of Basegap for your retail chain.


At Basegap, we are committed to empowering retailers with a new-generation platform that constantly addresses our customers’ pain points, head-on. We are passionate about helping retailers unlock their full potential, achieve unparalleled success, and thrive in an ever-evolving market.

Basegap AB is a Swedish company based in Stockholm.

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