Plus, it has a fraud-prevention feature called Click Shield that will keep malicious bots from harming your affiliate marketing efforts. With the Rotator function of the platform, you can send affiliate link clicks to multiple destinations, thereby spreading out the traffic. Meanwhile, you can direct visitors to different pages depending on their location and the type of device they’re using thanks to the app’s geotargeting and mobile optimization features. Multi-tiered campaigns and a sleek user interface are just two of the ways in which FirstPromoter helps SaaS companies connect with their affiliates. Refersion allows you to keep tabs on all of your brand advocates and affiliates in one convenient place.

EasyAffiliate is another solid affiliate tracking software for WordPress. As simple as AffiliateWP makes it to run your own affiliate program though, it also offers some innovative growth tools. Features like Vanity Coupon Codes, Affiliate Landing Pages, and Direct Link Tracking are bound to grow your sales and help you achieve a greater return.

With many features and a very intuitive interface, it is an excellent choice for small and established businesses. OSI Affiliate is an easy-to-use affiliate management software that helps you set up your partner program and recruit partners. The software is created for companies of all sizes and can be used for referral and affiliate programs that are just starting out as well as for more established programs.

How to choose the best affiliate management software?

Competence – Before you can manage an affiliate program or lead affiliates to performance, you need know-how, experience, and skills. You may not have them all from the beginning, but you should work on improving them and overcoming your own limits. Honesty – For an affiliate program manager, this would mean integrity and trustworthiness, ability to admit and correct mistakes, values and ethics. Some affiliates will do whatever it takes to take credit for leads and sales, from spamming to forcing clicks, cookie stuffing, fake incentives, and more.

It’s easy to setup and our staff is available to answer any questions. Monitor the performance of all your marketing efforts from one dashboard. There is no total cap on the commission that you can earn but there is a cap of $500 per customer per affiliate.

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Otherwise, every time you want to make some small changes in campaigns, you have to look for the helping hands to get the job done. The LeadDyno affiliate marketing service provides its clients a wide range of choices. Thus it simplifies affiliate program management, makes it faster, and increases success rates.

OSI Affiliate is a great software option if you’re looking to set up a customer referral program for Squarespace. Another nice thing is that there are a lot of different plans to choose from. These are governed by the affiliate management system number of affiliate partners you have, which means you end up paying for the capacity you need. It syncs nicely with Shopify and even offers free migration if you’re moving over from another affiliate platform.

Refersion offers brands all the tools they need to scale and promote their affiliate programs, such as managing commissions, payouts, and providing simplified tax automation. Lastly, the best affiliate marketing software platforms mean nothing if there isn’t quality customer service available 24/7 to back it up. Readily available customer assistance is equally important for brands as it is for affiliates.

affiliate program management software

Perhaps they consider your cookie life too short or your commissions too low. Your creatives may not be as affiliate-friendly or as high-converting as you thought they were. Celoxis Affiliate program is a great opportunity for you to make money by promoting software made by a leader in the project management software industry. Our affiliate program makes it easy for you to have a piece of the pie. Part of affiliate marketing is taking what’s currently popular and using that information to your company’s advantage. Our affiliate marketing team always does extensive research on the newest insights and patterns that’ll help each of our clients get ahead of the competition.

affiliate program management software

When you connect ClickMagick with Google or Facebook, you can use their respective analytic tools to keep tabs on your site’s traffic. Affiliates, meanwhile, can benefit from its A/B Testing function, which aids in the identification of the most effective links in terms of generating leads. The mechanization of formerly manual processes like payouts, prizes, point distributions, rewards, and other monetary and evaluative monetary mercenary jobs are automated. We streamline your marketing data so you can focus on the insights.

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